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Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions

Get Links Pro does not submit the following types of Websites:

We reserve the right to decline any order. If an order is declined by us because you failed to read the points above; you can buy services for some other site. We will NOT issue a refund.

We only submit top level domain names and sub-domains. Attempting to submit "deeplinks" (aka sub-pages) would result in a low number of listings because most directory owners do not allow deeplinks in a free listing.

We make no guarantees that our submissions will result in listings. Being listed is highly dependent on the information provided at the time of submission and the quality of the submitted Website. Listing standards do vary from directory to directory, and such listing standards are at the sole discretion of each individual directory owner.

It is the customers responsibility to provide accurate information to us for submission purposes. A valid E-mail address is required to receive submission confirmation E-mails. Please note that approximately ten percent of the directories we submit to require confirmation by E-mail. Therefore it is very important to inspect each E-mail to confirm your listing request. These E-mail confirmations also provide you with confirmation to which directory we have submitted to.

We reserve the right to add you to a company newsletter. You can choose to unsubscribe.

Please place the order carefully, we have to pay a refund fee and would not offer a refund in any scenario.

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