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• OnPage Optimization

We will go through your website to ensure it passes all important parameters which can help get the best possible search rankings for your website. There are a multitude of factors which need to be analyzed & then optimized in order to derive maximum benefits from any link building that you may do.
• Page Load Optimization

We will look at the page load time of your important landing pages to determine if it can be further improved upon. We will help you implement the best practices & measures to get fast time possible since quick loading webpages will always hold an edge when it comes to improving search rankings.
• OnSite Blog Implementation

We will help set up a blog on your website &, if required, help with publishing unique content on it regularly. With a constant stream of niche related content which is written with the target keywords in mind, your website can achieve a good boost to its search engine rankings helping beat tough competition in your niche.
• W3C Validation

We would analyze & fix any issues with your website to make it as much W3C compliant as possible. Having a W3C compliant website can possibly give your site just that extra little bit of boost to achieve top search rankings in a competitive niche.

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