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FAQ (About Links)

Links and Web Directories

Getting backlinks from Web Directories is one of the most important steps you can take to improve your rankings in the search engines. Also, these links do bring in additional traffic to your Website. On this page I will cover some of the most frequently asked questions about links. Please contact us if you have additional questions which are not answered on this page.

Do I really needs links to improve my search engine position?

Absolutely! To search engines, links pointing back to your Website do a couple of things. First, it tells the search engines that the site linking to yours is a positive "vote." The more links pointing back to your Website, from reputable Web Directories, the more popular search engines think your site is. Secondly, the text used to link back to your site (aka anchor text) tells the search engines that they should place you in the listings for that anchor text.

Quality -vs- Quantity

The quality of the links pointing to your Website is very important. Having links on unrelated pages will do nothing for your search engine positioning and would most likely only send you untargeted traffic. The majority of the Web Directories available review each submission request. The search engine companies know this, and value their role in the industry.

Should I be concerned about getting too many links too quickly?

Not when using our service, and only our service. The fact is that each submission will likely take hours, days, and possibly months to be reviewed. Once approved, the search engines will gradually index those pages which have your link on them. Coupled together, this could take months before even 1000 listings are fully spidered. It is our opinion that offering "delayed" submissions is nothing more then a marketing tactic used to invoke fear in the customer. Delayed submissions ultimately delay results.

Can I submit a page other then my top level domain?

Most free directories do not list individual pages of a Website without paying for a "featured link." However, most Web Directories will accept sub-domains.

What is the pagerank of the Web Directories you submit to?

The Web Directories in our list vary from PR5 to no PR whatsoever. Chasing pagerank is certainly frowned upon by Google, and we do not advise our customers to chase pagerank. Pagerank is only a snapshot of the past, and does not reflect on the daily pagerank that Google algorithms determine. Regardless, we submit to a balanced number of directories. Older directories tend to have higher listing standards and can often take months to even review your Website. Newer directories generally have faster review times, lower listing standards, and less competition. And since most directories sort their listings by pagerank, a new Website has a better chance of being listed towards the top of a new directory.

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