GetLinksPro has the expertise to perform following activities. (hover for details)

• Broken Link Building

We will scour the web for broken links to content relevant to your niche. We will then contact these blogs & websites to inform them of the broken link. At the same time we would provide them with a link to similar content which is present on your site! Under such circumstances, it is very likely that the broken link would be fixed by making it to point to your site earning you a relevant backlink.
• Competitor Link Replication

We will analyze the recent backlinks & citations gained by your major competitors and analyze them to identify the ones which we can obtain for you. Since we will be contacting sites & blogs which have already linked to a site from your niche, there is a good possibility of you gaining a good backlink.
• Giveaways & Contests

We understand that contests & giveaways, if used properly, can be leveraged to get visibility amongst bloggers, as well as greater participation from site visitors. After collating a sizeable network of bloggers relevant to your niche, we will conceptualize & execute the contest which should result in you earning multiple backlinks, as per your investment.
• Press Releases

We will write a high quality press release as per your requirements. These can be used to highlight major milestones for your business, such as the launch of a new product or the success of an existing service. We will then submit it to reputable PR sites giving you top quality backlinks from authority sites.
• Image Attribution

We will find out any unauthorized usage of images to which you own the copyright. We will then contact these blogs or websites asking them to link back to your website as attribution for using the particular image. This can be useful in gaining the odd link back from unexpected sources.

We would use HARO to monitor for requests by reporters who are researching articles related to your niche. We would assist them in exchange for garnering some publicity for your business in the news report being published. The chances are very high that the content is likely to feature a backlink to your website.
• Outdated Content Replacement

We would research resources or content related to your niche which has become outdated and obsolete. We would then get an updated copy of the same written and published on your site so that links to it can be pitched to websites & blogs linking to the outdated content. Blog owners & webmasters should be more than happy to change the link to the new content helping you build some quality backlinks.

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