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Dominate Google With Our Guest Posting Service

Sample Guest Posting Report - Live Samples

Did your site get hit by Panda? Are you looking for a genuine and white hat method to build links to your site? Our guest posting service can help you dominate Google and help you win over your competitors.

Did you get unnatural links warning or lost rank because of over-optimization penalty? Guest posting is a natural way to acquire relevant and authority links.

Just reach out to us & find our how this service can help you gain rankings.

See what top internet marketers are saying about us:

Jeremy Schoemaker (ShoeMoney):

The results for me have been nothing short of amazing. For each property we have tested them on they have soared in rankings. Since GetLinksPro uses nothing but whitehat techniques there is no risk of being penalized.

John Chow:

What makes Get Links Pro stand out is their pricing. They’re the most affordable link building service I’ve came across.

Zac Johnson:

GetLinksPro also offers a guest blog posting service, where they will actually write up original articles for you and get them posted on relevant and high end blogs. The cost for this service is around $20 per article. Consider that the average guest post will take you around an hour to write, research and contact other blog owners, this might be an excellent opportunity for you.

What is Guest Posting?
A lot of bloggers know that their readers love reading fresh content. It's not always possible to write great posts on a regular basis and these bloggers accept quality posts from other authors. These authors are called guest authors/posters.

The process of hosting someone else's content on a blog allows these bloggers to network with other bloggers/authors and they also get good content for their blogs for free. When you look at this process from author's point of view, they get to publish their ideas in front of a blog's readers and they get links as well as traffic from these posts.

Why are Guest Posts Rated so High?

Links from guest posts are highly natural links. Guest authors can get links from a blog relevant to their business and from an article related to their niche. These are probably the best type of links you can acquire.

What Does GetLinksPro Offer?

Link from a high PR source - Yes

Link from a relevant source - Yes

Link from a genuine blog - Yes

Link from a related page - You can choose relevant blogs.

Anyone can get a link from these blogs - No (One must write great content to get published).

We write quality posts (approx. 500 words) and contact bloggers to accept the post as a guest post. Each post will have one link in author bio to your website. The links will be dofollow.

Why Can't You Get In-Post Links Or Two Links In Author Bio?

Most blogs accepting have different policies for accepting guest posts and though some blogs may allow two posts in author bio, most would insist on giving only one backlink. We try to get the best possible deal for you.

Sample Guest Posting Report - Live Samples

So reach out to us today to get a proven & natural Guest Posting service.

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  • Prompt, consistent, affordable service

    The team at GetLinksPro was my first quality discovery in seeking providers for link building. I have tried many others over time, but I always return to them for prompt, consistent, affordable service. I can't recommend this team highly enough!

    Chuck Brown

  • Expert advice, prompt work and cost-effectiveness

    I have used the services of GetLinksPro on a number of occasions and have found that not only have the results been excellent, bringing the search results from nowhere to 1st and 2nd page, but the expert advice, the prompt work, and the cost-effectiveness have all been outstanding. I would be happy to recommend this service and see no reason to go anywhere else.

    Martin Muckle

  • Realistic pricing structure

    There are a lot of directory submission services to choose from out there and over the years I have tried more than a few.

    One of the biggest issues I have come across in this market sector is the level of service that you receive and although you would expect it I can guarantee that paying a higher price will not guarantee a better service, in fact experience dictates quite the opposite in most cases.

    With GetLinksPro I have received an excellent and consistent service for my own portfolio of sites and the realistic pricing structure means I have been able deliver excellent value for money to my personal clients as well.

    Great service and recommended.

    Dave Talbot

  • Fast service and on-target feedback

    Hello to GetLinksPro. I just wanted to let you know how much I am looking forward to continuing work with your team. For my 40+ sites, it would impossible for me to cover directory submissions, even with staff help. It is always a relief to be able to turn my schedule over to you and know that I don't have to worry about it any further. You folks have been fast, affordable, and a great addition to my bag of marketing resources on a limited budget. Small companies like mine are always up against the online retail behemoths with deep, deep pockets, and marketing gets very expensive for us little guys and gals. Thanks to you, my fledgling sites have a shot at the thousands of small and mid-sized directories that can deliver a small, but steady stream of traffic that can add up over time! Thanks so much for your help. I appreciate your fast service and on-target feedback as well. Best to you, and I look forward to having you handle every one of my sites, and those to come.

    L Maverick
    Blue Maverick Media and The Holiday Shop Stores

  • Your response was fast, the results were great...

    Dear Get Links Pro,

    I recently signed up with you to get links for some 16 different websites that I manage. I am very impressed by your service. I purchased both your 100 and 500 links packages for the various websites.

    Your response was fast, the results were great, and you gave me a level of personal response and service that I did not expect. I shall certainly use your services in the future, and I have already begun to recommend you to my friends.

    Michael Miller

  • Impressed with their SEO knowledge, quick service, error free work, great customer service...

    I have used GetProLinks for a variety of SEO services and have been impressed with their SEO knowledge, quick service, error free work, great customer service and willingness to help, all at a fantastic price. Results of their SEO services has been quick and effective. I have used a lot of different SEO firms and GetProLinks is definitely at the top of the list!

    Frank Goley
    Business Success Consultant

  • Get Links Pro delievers awesome results

    Get Links Pro delievers awesome results in a timely fashion. They have significantly increased my web presence for an extremely reasonable price and a short period of time. I highly recommend them

    Dr. Carter

    Georgia Bodysculpture

  • Great results with two websites...

    I’ve used Get Links Pro on two websites and have had great results with both. The staff is very nice to deal with, they respond very quickly with questions and are eager to help. I would highly recommend that all serious webmasters and internet marketers take a good long look at Get Links Pro.

    Jeff Williamson

  • Many thanks to GetLinksPro for superb SEO service. I am very impressed by the quality of articles you produce for my products, and by your overall link-building efficiency and the SEO effectiveness of those links for helping the rankings of my websites. Moreover, I appreciate the personalized service I experience when working with your team. I recommend your services highly.

    David Smith,

  • Your service has got our product to the top of Google in just a few months. Fantastic service.
    Jason McGuire (
  • It is proper SEO that won't ever cause a penalty

    The guest post service at GetLinksPro is exceptional. I make a very good living as an in-house SEO for a mid-sized business in the UK. I know that real SEO for very competitive industries requires patience - we are not interested in running massive-scale blackhat strategies, because we don't want to spend tens of thousands of pounds only to have the potential loss of everything overnight - we want sites that will gradually climb the rankings, but stick there for years. The guest post service can take a while to get each post approved, but it is proper SEO that won't ever cause a penalty and will bring gradual, scalable results that we can use for long-term business gains. This is all not-to-mention what I think is probably the lowest price on the internet for the quality! Not only is it a great choice SEO-wise, but their customer service is outstanding - you are kept fully up-to-date at all times as each post is accepted or if you have any questions. I'm sure we will be using it for a very long time.

  • Stunning articles. I'm completely amazed.
    A truly professional, well complement the content contained on the website and add a shine and glow to the whole project. I remember when I read the result of the work for the first time, I was completely surprised, because would never expect that kind of a professional product for a such a small price. Working with professionals from GetLinksPro is a real pleasure. Now, once again I'm using the services of GetLinksPro and I am 100% sure that is exactly what I want.

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