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Submitting to Web Directories is one of the most time consuming methods of offpage SEO. Our services are designed to free you from this time consuming activity so that you can focus on more important things.

Below you will find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Should you have a question that is not covered on this page, please contact us.

How Long Will it Take You to Submit My Website?

This can vary based on our current workload. Generally, we will submit your Website within two working days. And under all circumstance we will submit your Website within a week of purchase. If you have a rush order, or wish to determine a precise submission time, then please contact us.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

All payments are received by PayPal, which accepts most major credit cards from around the world. We also accept payment via MoneyBookers, 2Checkout and AlertPay.

How Many Variations of My Submission Should I Use?

The title (anchor text) should be changed every 200 submissions or less. However, this is not mandatory and is dependent on the submission package you purchase. For example, the 100 link package should be used with one title (your primary keyword) and one description. For the 1000 link package, I would suggest changing the title and description four times at a minimum.

What if I Have Already Submitted to Some Directories?

Please let us know which directories you submitted to and/or any software which you have used to submit with. This will help us to wash our list against the directory list you provide us. If we are not able to completely fulfill your order, we will promptly provide you with a pro-rated refund.

How Do I Know Which Directories You Submitted to?

During the submission process you will receive confirmation E-mails. This will let you know that we are submitting and to which directories we are submitting to. Approximately 40% of the directories send a submission confirmation. Our base price includes submission reports. A report with list of the directories we submitted to will be sent to your email address upon order completion.

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