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• Recovering Broken Links

We scan your site’s backlinks to see if any of them point to pages which don’t exist anymore or are broken due to a typo in the linked address. If we find such links, we contact the blog or site owner with an updated link so that your business can take full advantage of the quality backlink which otherwise would not be 100% effective.
• Bad Links Disavowal & Removal

We evaluate all backlinks that your website has acquired to single out any which might prove to be harmful to search engine rankings. We would then try to get these links removed by contacting the website owner. If not successful, we will make use of the Google Disavowal tool so that only top quality backlinks remain.
• Webmaster Tools & Analytics Monitoring

We will monitor Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools to highlight & fix any issues which might affect search engine rankings or the user experience. We would also in a better position to advice in the matters of content & keywords to further optimize the backlinks your site can benefit from.

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